4 Ways To Make Money While Studying In College

4 Ways To Make Money While Studying In College

managing your finance in college is a tough job, the parties, the food, and daily travel expenses leave us broke at the end of the month and asking money from parents results in frowns and endless taunts. We know now being independent is the new cool. Here are a few ways you can money while in college:


1.) Doing A Paid Internship:

Interning at a reputed organization and getting paid for it is no less than a dream. Working in an office environment will teach you corporate discipline and will also give you a good go around money. Further, it will add to the work ex. Column in your CV increasing your chances in landing a job in future. There are websites like www.internshala.com where you can upload your CV and get many internship opportunities.


2.) Giving Tuitions:

If you were strong on a particular subject in high school, you can earn some money by giving tuitions to school children at a reasonable cost. Subjects like Math, Science, and English are always in high demand. It’s much more suitable job for college students as it is flexible and much easier to deal with. However, future if a young child lies in your hands, so be careful and adhere to moral values while dealing with small children.


3.) Joining A Network Marketing Company:

This Is the most rewarding and flexible job you’ll come across, companies like these offer you flexible work hours and reward is solely dependent only on your performance and the marketing chain you make. It requires some effort initially but is quite rewarding if done right. However, keep in mind there are many frauds being committed in the name of network marketing.


4.) Working Part Time In A BPO:

The BPO market is full stock with young people like you trying to make a quick buck. Working in a BPO might be a high paying job in comparison to other jobs in the list but it doesn’t add much to your CV neither does it gives you a good working experience. BPO is for people trying to make a good fat buck in no time. This option should last on your list as it is ours.



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