5 ways how learning a foreign language can boost your career
  • By Disha
  • Posted July 11, 2017

5 ways how learning a foreign language can boost your career

Learning a foreign a language will not only boost your C.V or add one more quality to your skills, it will also make you smarter, decisive, and even better at English.

Learning a foreign language draws your interest to the mechanics of language: grammar, conjugations, and sentence structure. Different language speakers also develop a skill of better listening as they are skilled at distinguishing meanings by the discrete sounds.

Here are 5 ways how learning a foreign language can benefit you:-

•    Your Memory improves – The brain functions better with exercise and it also increases the size of the brain’s language centre. The more the brain is used, the better it functions. Learning a different language gives your memory a good workout in the brain gym and involves memorising rules and vocabulary, which helps your brain to strengthen those mental muscles. This improves overall memory, which is why multiple language speakers are better at remembering. Bilinguals stay mentally sharp due to overall better learning capacity.


•    Build multi-tasking skills: - Multi-lingual people are skilled at switching between two systems of speech. This skill makes them good at multitasking as they are easily able to switch between different structures. Fluent bilinguals rarely make the mistake of slipping into another language while talking and have the ability to think in different languages. Levelling up new language forces you to reach for alternate words, it improves your skills in divergent thinking.


•    Foreign language expands career potential: - Multi-lingual ability is a competitive edge over others and adds value to the workforce. It tells of a person’s intelligence, flexibility, openness to different people, as well as decision-making skills and improves social interaction and helps you with better concept formation. This even helps a person to communicate better and removes cross-cultural barriers.


•    Decision making is improved: - Learning a new language helps to reduce our ‘heuristic biases’ (Heuristic biases are shortcut methods that involve focusing on one aspect of a complex problem and ignoring others.), which is one of the key factors in decision making. When we are presented with a number of choices, we are more likely to get confused and are unable to make good decisions. Learning a foreign language can help us to choose an option more logically. It forces you to think and decide more carefully through the problems which can reduce your vulnerability to your heuristic biases.


•    A deeper understanding of other cultures: - We do not realise how much our language influences our view of the world and other people. Immersing yourself in a foreign language helps you develop new viewpoints. It helps you to understand and embrace views other than your own. Your compassion and inclusiveness of the world will improve.


 Learning a second language has innumerable benefits and we have just listed a handful. Go get yourself enrolled in a language class and see how your abilities and opportunities expand!


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