Communication skills you NEED to know.
  • By Disha
  • Posted July 07, 2017

Communication skills you NEED to know.

One of the best ways to connect with people and improve quality relationships is through making conversations. Only a few of the people are smooth and charismatic when they talk. Although most people can hold a conversation, a lot of them are not able to talk fluently and smoothly.

Improved conversation skills take a lot of time, hard work, and learning from your own experiences. Consider your relationships and social life as one of the fundamental components of life; communication is worth mastering since it is a key interpersonal ability.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your communication:-

•    Holding an eye contact: - Most people do not make an eye contact while they talk. Some keep eye contact only for 2/3 times or less than that. To build confidence, always keep eye contact when you talk. This will generate interest in the people you are interacting with.


•    Offer interesting insights: - A good talker is one who can frequently tell you things you don’t know and offer knowledge. Anybody can talk easily about news, weather, or express basic opinions; it is good to have specialised knowledge that can be shared in conversations that can help others learn and grow.


•    Use the new words: - Constantly developing your vocabulary and practising new words will increase your communicating skills and accuracy. It will help you develop a way with new words and allow expressing yourself more easily.


•    Notice: - people with better conversation skills tend to notice the kind of things that normal people usually let slip by. They may notice and point out things like foreign accent or voice of tone. Such people impact others in a positive manner.


•    Talk slowly: - Good talkers never rush in a conversation; they understand a situation and speak accordingly, and reflect on something. They take accurate time while they talk. So talk slowly so the other person understands.


•    Avoid unnecessary conversation fillers: - One of the ways is to start keeping a record of all your words and how many times you repeat the same words like: “um” or “like”. Cut them out to be more persuasive and feel more confident.


•    Keep aside the distractions: - It is rude to use the phone while you are talking to someone. Taking time to look up while you are involved in a conversation and avoiding using your phone could vastly improve your communication skills.


•    Be brief but specific: - Clear and concise conversation is important in any communication. Be brief when you speak or are explaining something to the other person, but talking unnecessarily will decrease the interest level of the person who is involved in a conversation with you, so talk specifically.


Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success. -Paul J. Meyer

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