How to enjoy your college life
  • By Namrata
  • Posted December 29, 2017

How to enjoy your college life


 Youngsters have a lot to deal with, from balancing academics to social life, searching for internships and managing the stress of exams, happiness tends to fade away from our inner soul. But being happy should still be a major priority in college and in life also. College students are similar to robots as they have a fixed schedule of attending college and then chit chat for a while and get back to bed at 10 in the night so as to wake up early today and in holidays they have to complete their internships.

Here are some ways to make your college life much happier and easier-

1.Join some hobby classes-Manage your schedule and timings according to the course you are studying, make sure you find some time for your inner soul to relax and enjoy what you actually love doing like playing guitar, basketball, reading some amazing novels of your favorite authors and so on. This will give some a kind of relaxation.

2. Manage time- According to a research people who use to manage their time properly will always lead a successful life no matter what comes in their way. So start maintaining a schedule where you have time for your loved ones, your friends and most importantly sometime for yourself, this will somewhat improve   mental health and make you more focus on your work.

3. Go out with your friends- college life is all about the combination of study+ fun+ mischiefs if you haven't enjoyed it with your friends, then sorry you don't have college life in real terms. Roam around the campus and plan short trips so that you can understand your friends better, as they are the other family away from home.

4.Don't fall quickly- there are moments when you are not up to the mark every time like you want to be the part of the football club and don't make it, then don't be a crybaby pick yourself up and join some other club. College is very competitive more than you think; don't expect everything you have applied for. So give your best and have patience then everything will fall into place.

5.Stay in sometimes- college has a very hectic lifestyle,  to maintain the balance make yourself relax and stay at home watch some good movie or some show you love the most and take a nap. Sometimes we just want to lay in bed whole day it's not wrong at all as our body demands rest and that is totally fine.

6.Exercise daily- Be strict in matters related to health always make sure that you find a little time for warm up, to recharge yourself full of life, whether you follow yoga or gym life but to stay fit and healthy make sure you exercise daily and try to eat healthily.

7. Your happiness is important- we all have a number of dreams of what we want in our college life right? But there comes a moment when we have to choose between our choice and our parents choice make sure you don't have to face this situation because it's not necessary that it will make you happy, befriend to your parents and make them understand that what course you want to join and why so that you both can celebrate.


So enjoy your college life to the fullest, study hard and party like a freak, make good friends go explore the world with them.

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