How to make the most of your summer vacations.
  • By Smriti
  • Posted June 21, 2017

How to make the most of your summer vacations.

Semester exams have just ended, college is out, and summer is here. We know what it means- Summer break. The two months of no 8:30 am lectures, no running for assignments, notes or behind teachers for attendance.

Most of us lose motivation and end up binge watching Netflix and staying in bed all day without realising that summer vacation is the time we can actually grow the most!

This post is your one-stop guide to getting the most out of your summer. Be it productivity, health or experiences. 

Here is a list of all that you can do to make your summers more productive and be ready for the next semester!

1. Intern- You’ve heard it before. Most of the companies are on the look for summer interns for training roles. This is the right opportunity to seize and learn real time work.

This not only helps in earning extra pocket money but also CV development. (Hello, placement.)


2. Read- Broad. I know. Start with making a reading list or following the blogs of your interest on Instagram. It may be travel, food or motivational. Make a list of 5 books off your bookshelf and assign a week to each. Inculcate a reading habit this summer.


3. Do a course- It could be a course related to your subjects of study or something that gets you a certification. It could be anything from a short term investment course to a new language. Or you could take a nonacademic class like painting, music, baking and dance.



4. Volunteer- Volunteering is not just productive, it gives you a sense of giving back to the society. There are many NGOs that need volunteers. You could teach slum children or go to retirement homes for working and helping the elderly out. You choose.


5. Create a bucket list and do it all- Make a list of 10 things you’ve always wanted to do. It could be a solo trip, adventure sports, travelling or writing a blog. Make a to-do and to-be list- and do it all!



6. Clean out your space and organise- An organised space implies an organised head. Decluttering can prove to be a great activity if you think you have too much on your mind. Clean your drawers and desk. Fold your clothes that are piled- clean “the chair”. Sell your old books and unused things to make some extra cash.  Great activity for a positive mind.


7. Get fit- Getting fit does not mean to just hit the gym thrice a week. Meditate, clear your head, go for a long nature walk, start new good habits and quit bad ones. Swimming, cycling or simply doing some stretching and sweating go a long way for physical health if you’re not a gym person.



8. Learn to manage your finances and time- Once college finishes; it is all about time and money management. Start early- learn how to make budgets and how to manage your time efficiently. There are plenty of blogs to help you out in both money and time management.


And if you don’t have vacations since you couldn’t find a good college, head to to find great colleges that still have admissions open!



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