How to travel as a college student on a budget
  • By Smriti
  • Posted July 31, 2017

How to travel as a college student on a budget

College is the time everyone wants to make as many memories as possible, and there is no better way to make memories than to travel.

Travelling during college is one of the best things a person can do for themselves. Travelling gives you exposure and learning that conventional education fails to provide. It teaches you things you could never learn in classrooms or the comfort of your own homes.

Travelling has been associated with high costs since the beginning of the travel culture but now a lot of options have opened for students to travel on shoestring budgets,

Here are 6 ways to globe trot while in college, and by spending the least:

  • Save for travelling and make it a priority- Travelling in college isn’t expensive, but it needs proper planning and saving. Ensure you save a good part of the pocket money/stipend each month to put in your travel fund.

This monthly saving will help you out anticipate your future travel budget and plan out your trips with ease. Ensure you have a budget for each trip and stick to it so you don’t go overboard.



  • Look for better accommodation options- Hotels are one of the most expensive accommodation options. Airbnb is a great way to travel on a budget and meet new people. Hostels and guesthouses are great options for travellers. Book your accommodations in advance to ensure you get the best prices. Weigh your options logically to understand the pros and cons of each place. Pro tip- Hotels outside the city centre are usually cheaper. Savings add up.


  • Travel smart- Flight tickets are at their peak prices if bookings are done closer to the travelling date. Get the best prices by booking tickets in advance; airlines open bookings as soon as 6 months before the date. Make sure you check prices regularly; find alternatives to popular airlines as lesser known airlines have lower fares compared to the regular airlines. Learn the railway systems of the place you are travelling to, or find alternative travelling options instead of taking cabs.


  • Travel off-season and use student discounts- Most places are almost twice as expensive during peak travel times, travelling off season does not only save you a lot of money, it also helps you enjoy a new place thoroughly without being surrounded by other tourists; travelling off seasons gives you an authentic insight into a new city.  A lot of restaurants, café’s, and stores provide student discounts (by showing your IDs). Ask at places if they have such a policy to save while you spend!



  • Travel in friend groups to save costs- Cliché, but travelling in groups can save you costs on accommodation, food, sightseeing, and sometimes even transport! Travelling with friends’ means splitting costs of everything you do and sometimes even bulk discounts; make sure you have an itinerary to avoid hassles and have clear ground rules for splitting costs.

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