Lost my admission call letter

Lost my admission call letter

I lost my admission call letter and had not much knowledge about Delhi Ncr My name is Rex. I am from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. I wanted to study Journalism from a good College of Delhi. After passing 12th, I had been thinking what to do in my life. The journalists on T.V. Channels attracted me too much. So I decided to be a Journalist. I discussed about this Career with my Teachers, elder brother and Parents. They said this career was very glamorous and admirable. After completing the analyzation of the career, I started looking for Colleges in Delhi Ncr. Once I went to Delhi and collected brochures of different colleges. I filled the application form of many colleges On-line. Some had a process of filling hard copy of application form. I submitted the hard copy of application in those colleges wherever it was required. After applying online and hard copy application forms for admission in Journalism course; I returned to Imphal, by Jet Airways. I waited at home for the announcement of the admission list by different colleges. Within 2 months of time most of the colleges had announced the admission list. My name was in none of the admission lists. I viewed the admission list mostly online. In some colleges I had submitted the hard- copy of the admission application. I was waiting for their reply. Some colleges where I had submitted the hard copy of the application form they had to send the Admission Offer Letter to me, if my name was shortlisted for admission. Two months had been passed and I had not got admission in any college. Then I decided to call the Colleges to know the status. I mainly, called only those colleges where the admission list had to be published; on the Notice- Board, and they were to Inform students by letter. In one of those colleges the admission department’s counselor said that my name had been shortlisted. She said that a letter had been forwarded to my residence address. But I had not received any letter. She invited me to the college for discussion if I could be offered admission. I packed my bag and decided to go to Faridabad to contact the College Authority regarding my admission. I took the flight on Sunday in the afternoon. I reached Delhi in the evening and stayed at my friend’s place. In the Monday morning I went to the college of Mass Communication in Faridabad. That was really a well constructed College. I found everything was nice there. Around 11 a.m. I met the admission authority of the college. They talked to me and took around an hour to give the final decision. They said that though the last admission date had been passed but they wanted to offer me the admission, because I had been shortlisted. But, they were not in a condition to offer me admission because the computer system had been updated and locked for new admission, (no more new admissions were possible). That condition was very depressing for me. I came back to my friend’s place, and in the evening went to a cyber cafe. There I was looking for admission on different portals. I saw a portal called admissionx.com. I sent my all documents to them. I got a reply from admissionx.com that, wait till tomorrow afternoon, and they will try for my admission. I had no other options, I waited for their reply. In the evening of Tuesday, they said that my admission could be finalized in a good College. I accepted their proposal. On Wednesday my admission was confirmed. I went to the college did all the formalities of admission. I was very happy. I informed my all friends and parents that I had got admission. They all became very pleased. I want to thank admissionx.com for giving me a wonderful and perfect service.

Thanks again,


Imphal, Manipur

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