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  • Posted May 02, 2017

Online Admission

I had completed school in 2015 when I decided to study LLB. My elder brother is also a lawyer and practices in Lucknow High Court. He always inspired me to be an Advocate. His lavish lifestyle always tempted me to go for Law. After graduation in 2015, I went to many colleges for admission but could not get the course of my choice anywhere. I spent 2015 and 2016 without studying- I had to drop a year.

I was worried about getting admission into BA(L.L.B.). No one I met could help me out.

There are many law colleges in Lucknow. I visited most of them but unfortunately, I could not get admission anywhere. I then went to Allahabad for admission and was disappointed there too. Despite appearing for entrances, I did not get a positive result.

I know some private colleges in Delhi, Ghaziabad and surrounding area but they are very expensive and I could not go there. Correspondence courses are provided by few colleges but my Advocate friends suggested do not go for a correspondence course.

I asked my Advocate friends and they told me to keep trying. They told me people have been waiting for more than five years. Many successful lawyers got admission even after 5 to 6 years.

One day when I was sitting at the door of my house in the Village, my grandmother called my name,”Arun beta, Arun bet…”.

I heard her voice and went to her.

I saw she was holding a letter in her hand. As she was sick she was on bed rest mostly. I took the letter from her hand.

That was a letter for admission in LLB. But the issue was that the last date was the same date when I had received the letter. The letter was somewhere in the house and I could not reply on time.

I remembered God for help. I had lost two years and in the current year, I was desperately looking for admission. I thought nothing is impossible for God. I called the number printed on the envelope. The admission clerk received the call and said that the admission time was only up to 5.30 pm that day. I was shocked.

God really helped me, that night when I was surfing the net I saw a portal called

I contacted them, sent my documents via e-mail and within 2 days I got the admission confirmed. I got admission in one of the best colleges of Allahabad.

Now I think God helped me only the medium was

Thank you, AdmissionX.

Sunil Singh

Barabanki, Uttar-Pradesh, India


Note- This testimonial has been edited for length and clarity.

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