How AdmissionX saved my year.
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  • Posted April 29, 2017

How AdmissionX saved my year.

It is a very difficult task to get admission in a good college if we do not get the support of online admission portals.

It has been noted that the best in this field is This is a portal that can help with application and admission process in less than 2 days. Because of their unmatched record, one can rely on them without fear.

They have a wide database of reputed colleges. It is a great website for all the students who want to get admission on their own terms and conditions, and don’t want to go to mainstream colleges.

If you are busy in some emergency, you do not have to leave your work and run behind colleges or portals to get admission.

I am sure that is a trusted online admission provider. They have done something which could not be executed by others.

Last year May and June- I was extremely busy in the marshalling of my sister’s wedding.

I didn’t even have the time to plan my admission in any college. I had enquired with many consultants and applied in many colleges.

I didn’t have time to follow up with the colleges and consultants.

I had tried all known means of admission but no one could help me finalise my admission.

One day when I was talking to him over the phone, he realised that I was not sounding happy and he asked me the reason; I replied that my admission had not been finalised and admissions were closing in a few weeks.

He told me to visit

The next day I logged in to and sent my documents to them and they responded in the afternoon that they had managed an admission for me in the kind of college I wanted.

I paid them online and next day they sent me the details of my admission.

I noted the details, went to the college and there I was greeted by the college counsellor.

 We finished all the formalities and gave me an admission kit along with the Identity card of the college.

It is an awarded college in Delhi where I am studying now. I had never thought that I would be getting admission in that college. It was a dream come true.

I extend my thanks to

This is a revolution in the education sector.

I hope that this organisation would grow fast and help many others like me.

Pawan Kumar, Sarita Vihar, Delhi.


Note- This testimonial has been edited for length and clarity.

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