Study Hacks For College Students
  • By Namrata
  • Posted January 02, 2018

Study Hacks For College Students

In your college life, you will get a number of advice on how to study, how to be more productive and knowledgeable and how to manage your time. Your family members, seniors everyone will give you so many hacks you are tired of listening. They don't understand your needs and try to put you in a box of terms in which you should study.

Here are some easy study hacks so that you can study smarter, not harder. Whether you are cramming for the surprise test or your final exams, still you can find some time for yourself.

1.    Start making short notes- this is what we generally forget to do yeah! To make short notes of what we have learned each day, every day. By this technique, you will remember the glimpses of every topic almost which will help you at time of exams.

2.    Music is the best hack to focus- After listening to boring lectures for hours you can switch to music to get out of boredom. Music helps us to stay focus on whatever we do; a good music provides peace and relaxation to our mind. Switch to some of your favorite bands or singers. Play some light music in background and study you will see the difference that you can learn faster.

3.    Keep your room clean- Yes cleaning does have relation to your studies. Try to make sure that your room should be properly cleaned and you have put everything in its place. if your room will be messy then you will waste your time searching for small things so keep your room clean so that you can save your time and study well.

4.    Solve online test and do research well- There are numerous sites providing the sample questions for every kind of test, try to solve them two per day. This can help you in your exam and yes do research on your topic well in which you find yourself weak.  

5.    Watch short films – Don't waste your time in movies for 2-3 hours, but you can save your time by watching shorts films instead. In half an hour you can watch three films and can relax in your exam time and study more.

6.    Exercise daily- Stay fit and fine, eat healthily and exercise daily. Exercise improves your learning ability and reduces stress. If you will take out 10 minutes for you daily, meditate for just two minutes daily and it will result in better listening and peace of mind. Then you will live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy learning. Make it a routine and you will never regret that.

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