Study pattern- A question

Study pattern- A question

Ever wondered what educational concept or pattern is followed by the schools and colleges?
Ever tried to change it or just being a part of it?

Let’s just simply talk about the education pattern we follow or are made to do so. Ever since we joined the schools we are made to learn by rote. In simpler terms it can be called as “Rattafication”. Calling it exactly ROTE may not be right. But yes partially it is true. Teachers come, explain and then leave. No queries, no questions nothing. Neither do students ask nor teachers say them do.
It seems that both of them are just doing their assigned jobs. Teachers are teaching and students are studying for the sake of doing that

The methodology of understanding concepts is so weak in our education that we end up being pressurized and frustrated. Students are just made to copy the things on blackboard and they themselves also don’t question it. They are also at the ease that they don’t have to put efforts.

Finally, when it’s the exam time they become blank because they never knew what teachers taught them. It is wrong both on the part of teachers and students. They both need to realize and come up with a new way of studying that would generate better results.  It surely not happens in all the schools but most of them do have this problem. At the end school complains that students have not shown a good performance.

Students have started feeling a burden on them.  This definitely wasn’t the concept planned by the education department but it sort of ended up being like that. In a clear big picture we will get to know that the pattern we are following now-a-days have made the roots of education grow weak. Students don’t even know what they are studying. They are all puzzled up and confused specially in those subjects which involves a lot of brain storming.

We are lacking and the reason behind is our weak understanding of the concepts we are taught.
Homework and assignments have become hardly of any use. Students copy the assignments and submit them. And teachers also hardly see what students do.
All time is consumed by doing the copied homework and therefore students can’t study.

Even summer vacations involve a lot of work. I suppose vacations should be just to enjoy them. But instead students are busy doing holiday homework.
Teachers can give them to study and revise the topics so that they can be prepared for their exams. That will be more fruitful.

My point is not questioning the authorities. It’s just we can take tests that include discussions, debates and a lot of intellectual talk. This will help them grow mentally and make their concepts stronger. This will make them smarter and good enough to deal with questions. It involves brain to function that makes it sharp.

When a student questions that implies that he/ she thinks about it. Students need to question on their part and teachers need to answer them wisely.

Students cheat during exams too so why not take oral tests. This will help the teachers know that who is working on himself and who is not. There are a lot many ways to solve this but before that there should be awareness regarding the same. Students should know where they actually are going wrong.

They just crib over not scoring good marks and don’t try to find out the reason.
This in-built habit will surely take time but I think if we altogether put efforts we can surely work this out. We need to start emphasizing on “conceptualization”. This will help us in long run. Strong roots help you grow. The same way strong concepts give you a sense of deeper understanding.

This concept is followed by a lot of foreign countries. And yes, it is really helpful. Students over there enjoy studying and this all because of their study pattern.
We should learn it from them and start implementing on it.   We need to start studying the other way and also encourage others to do so. Small changes can bring a lot of development in students. We as students need to start enjoying our studies. Bring out the best and you will definitely get something worthy.

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