Ten books every aspiring entrepreneur should read, before entering the big bad world of entrepreneurship

Ten books every aspiring entrepreneur should read, before entering the big bad world of entrepreneurship


“If we encounter a man with rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads” –Ralph Waldo Emerson. I think this quote sums it all, you are what you read. We have a list of ten books that will help you build your Start Up and most importantly understand the concept of money. Here is the list:

1.) Rich Dad, Poor Dad.



Robert T. Kiyosaki teaches us the importance of Financial Literacy and Thinking Outside The Box. In this book, he talks about his two fathers’ one his biological one and the other he looked up to, as one of them becomes the richest man in Florida whereas the other one only leaves behind debt and loans for his children. As the book proceeds it becomes evident who had a sensible approach towards money. Robert tells us the importance of getting out of the Rat Race and how the rich make money work for them. The reason for this book being number one on this list is that it is very simple to read and anyone can read it if you haven’t read a business book in your life here is where you start.

2.) Think And Grow Rich.




Think & Grow Rich has been called the father of all “motivational literature” and no other book has influenced more people than this book by Napoleon Hill. Hill was an American self-help author and journalist who decided to interview 500 of the most wealthy and powerful people of his time including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and much more, he then came up with 13 principals to be mastered in order to become rich and successful. This is a bible for every aspiring entrepreneur. I recommend to read this book every year as a ritual and take something good out of it.

3.) Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People.


The road to entrepreneurship is tough and full of challenges, the only thing which will keep you going is your habits. Seven Habits by Stephen R. Covey is a book that will teach you to empower yourself from dependence to independence, it will tell you that your happiness is in your own hands and how you can always cope up with any problem by just controlling your response to it. The book is divided into three main parts- Private Victory (Habits- 1,2 and 3), Public Victory (Habits- 4,5, and 6) and the third part Self Renewal (The Seventh Habit). Here Is a book to improve your effectiveness in both your business and personal life.


4.) How To Win Friends & Influence People.


Any business in order to survive in the fast changing dynamic market has to be under a good leadership and has to have a good core team. To become a good leader and influence people to work as effectively and efficiently as you do, they need to trust you and How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie will do the job. The book consists of several principals that will teach you how to mend people to work for you without making them unhappy. This book contains valuable lessons for young business leaders in people management and is a must read.


5.) The 4 - Hour Work Week.


The 4 – Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss is based on the beautiful 80/20 principle. The 80/20 principle states that 80% of your productivity comes from 20% of your time and the other 20% of your productivity eats up 80% of your time. Ferris argues to design your life in such a manner that you live it more like a weekend and less like Monday. The book makes you realize that you always don’t have to work 40 hours a week to be efficient. Ferris asks the readers to eliminate that 20% of productivity that eats up 80% of our time. This will give you a different perspective on how a business is run.


6.) The Fred Factor.




The Fred Factor is a short and simple book by Mark Sanborn which tells a story of an ordinary post man going out of his way to delight his customers. He is looking after their house in their absence, baby sitting basically doing everything he can to make them happy. The book talks about how loving your job and doing It passionately, no matter how ordinary it is the outcome would always be extraordinary. The thing most interesting about this book are that it is based on a true story.


7.) The Richest Man In Babylon.

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In this book, George S. Clason gives simple wisdom in all sectors of finance through examples set in the ancient city of Babylon. It all may sound boring but the book really helps you to understand the “law of gold” and how important it is to save some amount of money from you earning that will eventually make you wealthy. If you spend a lot on things that you don’t need and cry at the end of the month, this book is the cure for you.


8.) Blue Ocean Strategy.



How do you survive in a difficult market with almost similar products as yours? The Blue Ocean Strategy is the answer. This book argues that leading companies will succeed not by battling competitors, but by systematically creating "blue oceans" of uncontested market space for a prosperous and long market growth. The author tells you that simultaneous product differentiation and low cost will make competition irrelevant. This book is the key to beat the market.


9.) The Obstacle Is The Way.



This is an awesome book by Ryan Holiday which teaches you how to turn the obstacles to your advantage. It begins with giving examples of historical figures and stoic philosophy to deliver the message. Ryan Holiday’s books ask you to change your perception towards the problem, and no matter how big the problem might be it can be tackled with the power of perception, action, and will.


10.) The Art Of The Deal.



No matter what you think of Donald Trump, you have to admit this; that he is world class businessman. In this book, he talks about his power of persuasion which s lot people lack these days, and they tend to lose a lot of valuable deals. It’s a must read for all introverts, because the business world is a noisy place.


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