Tips to ace JEE Mains.
  • By Disha
  • Posted July 05, 2017

Tips to ace JEE Mains.

Every year, lakhs of students compete to secure a seat in their dream engineering college. With not much time left for the JEE entrance, it is imperative to utilise your time well, and start preparing for the big exam. All aspirants must stick to a strict routine so that the entire year’s effort does not go waste.

Here are some tips that can help you do better:-

•    Try to prepare a subject wise study schedule for practice.


•    Give sufficient time to yourself to revise your class 11th syllabus. It forms an important part of the entrance syllabus.


•    Keep your lab manuals and notebooks handy. Many times, questions come from practical analysis, which can only be understood with thorough preparation and a deep understanding of your subject.


•    Practice at least 5-6 full-length papers before your JEE. This will help you understand the workflow and how to go about the paper. 


•    Analyse your attempts- the hits and the misses and the reasons for the misses. Also, time-track all your attempts to ensure you are under your limit and have sufficient time for going back to review, recheck and revise. 


•    Try to solve some of the representative questions to renew your confidence, if you are facing a difficulty in a particular type of numerical question. 


•    Keep last 2 days before your exam as light as you can, do not burden yourself too much.


•    Sleep is an important part before appearing for any exam; get 6-7 hours of sleep daily.


•    Prepare your essential documents and have things ready in advance. Admit card, Aadhar card, pens, pencils etc. are important. Pack in advance to not have any last-minute hassles.


•    Consolidate your position by working on your strengths and try to improve your weak areas. Mastering your weak areas like calculation errors can be a huge added benefit to your score.


•    Be focused and stay relaxed. Being nervous can decrease your ability to perform well in the exam.


•    Avoid common mistakes, like when you attempting one question do not think about the other question at the same time. This can negatively impact your speed of doing the question well.


•    Understand the question carefully and do not rush into solving it. Negative marking can impact your rank.


•    If you have any doubts regarding any topic; do not let it breed. You can ask your mentors, professors, and seniors. If a doubt troubles you, clear it before it breaks your confidence and chances of the clearing.


•    Do not try to learn anything new at the end moment. Just revising the prepared topics will help you do well from JEE advanced perspective.


Practising and not losing hope will always take you to the path of success.

Work hard, stay motivated and ace JEE!

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