What Indian Students Actually Want From College
  • By Namrata
  • Posted January 09, 2018

What Indian Students Actually Want From College

Are you reading this and feeling that this is the question you really want to ask?  Going to college with the same rules and regulations like 75% of the attendance, before exams completing assignments and practical's and the list is long. What needs to be changed in Indian colleges? Everyone wants that college should provide some of the basic answers and pay attention to what students want actually.

If only these following few rules get implemented, Students will enjoy their college life-

1.More options to choose subjects-

 Students want that they should get more flexibility in choosing subjects, sometimes they want their favorite subject in their dream university but they don't find any choice in the subject and though they have to choose in between one of their choices. So universities should provide more course options.

2. Selection criteria for professors-

professors are not for keeping students in the class. They need to properly work on a way of making a class more interesting place and deliver meaningful lectures. Nothing can stop students from attending a lecture that compels them to think and apply their brains. University should maintain a very strict criterion for selecting their professors because they are the ones who will help in structuring the future of the country if they will mark their attendance and leave without any fruitful lecture then sorry India will always be a developing nation. 

3. Attendance rule we all wish to change!

Rules are made to follow for the disciplined environment and good learning process. But according to a research completing their attendance is what students hate the most, as used to come to the college not for learning just to pass the time and complete their 75% of the attendance to get the full marks or the average in the assignment. This rule should be changed and reduced to 50% as to make students come to the college to study and learn something new every day. They should be given assignments so that they will get more time to complete their practicals and projects so students don't need to hustle.

4. More Educational Activities-

The college needs to provide more activities so that students will be enthralled by the college. As they easily found their selves in boredom, so there should be some educational activities every week to check if students are not sleeping in the class and yet they should answer and by this unity will form in between the professor and students and professors will easily understand the nature and behavior of the students. These activities and extra co-curricular things like sports, dance, and drama etc they make college life more interesting and these help students to enhance their skills rather than studying.

5. Challenging Classrooms, not Students-

Many times being a student is a miserable experience, because of the professors, they use to constantly judging and reprimanding students for not paying attention, for not completing assignments on time, for the way they dress or even the way they speak and for always being late or talkative in the class. They choose their favorite ones and forget about the others. They are the responsible authority in making a person good or bad. As per their judgment students will start thinking that they are good or worst, this directly impacts on how they choose their life to be. Professors should understand that everyone is different and no one is perfect in the world. After our parents, they are the one responsible for our dreams and future.

If these few changes will be implemented by every college then soon India will be a developed nation as education is the basic requirement of every citizen of the country and education has the power to change our thoughts and lead to what is right for us.



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