Here are some time management tricks that will surely help you:-

1. Draw margins in all the pages before writing answers (optional)-

Drawing margins in paper makes your paper look more organized and presentable. If you are a person who prefers drawing margins on paper then you need to make sure that you do this before starting with your paper. Wasting your time during the exam for drawing margins is of no use.

2.Easy questions first-

Always prefer doing the questions that are easy and simple. Easy questions take less time and eventually lead in time saving.Teachers and tutors also suggest attempting the easy questions first.

3. No wastage of time on the difficult part-

It is often found that students consume a lot of time on difficult questions. It is so because they get stuck with the question in order to get the answer. They invest all their time and effort on those questions. This results in time wastage and may also sometimes lead to leaving some of the easy questions you may know.

4. Point wise answering, avoid passage-

Prefer writing answers in pointers. It not only makes it easy for the examiner to check but also to understand. Pointers are accurate and to the point. Writing long passages can cost you a lot. Make sure you don’t make such kind of mistakes. Passages may prove to be boring and may irritate the examiner.

5. Keep a watch with you –

Always try to keep a watch with you. This helps you to efficiently manage your time. It makes you aware that how much time you should give to a question.

6. Try to attempt lengthy questions first-

As soon as the paper starts mark the questions that you suppose are going to be lengthy. Try to attempt them first. This gives you ample time to do the remaining ones.

*The next time you go for any examination try to follow these.*

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