Cracking an interview

Cracking an interview

Interview is something that scares most of the aspirants. They often commit silly mistakes while facing the interview session due to several factors like less concentration, stress and nervousness. Cracking an interview totally depends upon four factors, namely-

a) Your confidence level

b) Your communication skills

c) Your academic GPA

d) Extra-curriculum participation

Cracking an interview does not mean the person/ candidate is a perfectionist it just requires a few things that one should always keep in mind.

Here are some of the pointers you should definitely keep in mind while you are going for an interview

 Be presentable: Presentation is the primary thing that comes in focus. One should look presentable while coming for the interview. Always ensure that you are well- dressed. It leaves a positive impression on the interviewer. Casual dressing may seem to be negative for the interview. 

 Be confidant and relaxed: When you go for the interview you should look confident. If you seem nervous and worried the interviewer will easily notice it. You need to look fresh and positive. Negativity can ruin things. Feel free and easy. There is nothing to worry about in an interview. Drink plenty of water before you go for the interview. It reduces anxiety.

 Try making Eye-contacts : Making Eye-contact shows that you have courage and you’re fearless. Making an eye contact can prove to be positive. Looking here and there can distract both you and the interviewer. Eye-contacting means you are full confident about your saying and are ready to face challenges.

 Be familiar with the concepts: Make sure that for whatever interview you are going, you are well prepared for it. Revise your concepts and be clear. Interviewer can ask you anything .You should have a basic knowledge of the organization you are going to interview in. This leaves a good impression on the interviewer.

 Keep a smile on your face: Whether you are stressed or not, never bring that stress on your face because in that case interviewer can try to confuse you with questions to check your confidence level. Keep a soft smile on your face and don’t laugh. A positive smile can do wonders.

Get prepared to crack an interview with these pointers

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